KATRAS hotel & bar


Katras Hotel Apartments

Open May-October


Tigaki, Kos Island

85300 Greece

Tel.: +30 22420 68238

Fax: +30 22420 68338


GNTO RTO: 1471K032A0342900


Brief Kos History

by Alekos J. Markoglou


Kos, this small privileged island at the extremity of Europe's eastern edge, certainly holds a special position among the places with the most magnificent as well as adventurous history.

It has been tried by great natural disasters and met successive invaders and conquerors, who, for long periods of time, tried to impose their own doctrines and culture.


Despite all the above, in the passage of time these amazing people kept their national identity thereof, preserved their historical memory and preserved their own cultural and customary values as well as their own religious beliefs; especially during the period of the crude and nightmarish Turkish occupation, which brought about the demographic, economic and cultural shrinkage of the islanders, when the elements of patience and of the struggle for survival were the most optimistic note of their life.


The Engravings of Kos

by Alekos J. Markoglou